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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
went back to tpjc with joan today to collect my SGC and A lvl cert. woah! the file they give super nice. how i wish i can get one for every graduation. i really hate going back to the sch. everytime i go back, nth good will happen. lyk today, normally, i only have to change 3 buses to get to sch. but today, i dunno what the heck happened, there's lyk no buses! so in the end, i changed 5 buses to go to sch. super expensive lah. the security has become stricter and i'm glad i brought along my a lvl cert that i received previously to gain entrance to the sch. if not, i'll hang myself there. LOLS! the sch has change quite a bit. we den had breakfast in sch, then we head off to sentosa.

the plan was to sun tan. but when we just reached, lay out the mat, it started raining. woah lao. super sian-ed. so we change plan and went to underwater world instead. i've been to underwater world lyk 3 times this yr. so nth really fancy me anymore. there's lyk no new things. but i'm still in love with the sea angel. super cute. i love starfish and jellyfish too! oh.. and a fish bite my hand!! evil fish. i didnt even agitate it lo. i just put my hand in the opening to the tank. i'll nvr forget that fish lo! after which, we went to the dolphin lagoon to watch the dolphins' performance. i love dolphins!! but i dun lyk pink dolphins. i think they very ugly. half pink half grey. but there's a reason behind it. (wanna know the reason? go pay 20 bucks and find out! lols!=P) despite the ugliness of pink dolphins, i still love dolphins and the performance is nice! den we went for our luge ride. it may sound lyk i got no childhood, but yes! it's my first time playing this thing. woah. super fun. den one of the guy very nice. help me make my helmet den went through the briefing again. unlike the other one, who totally ignore me and start the briefing. woah. the luge ride is super fun and exciting but it's also super ex. tsk tsk. wanted to watch songs of the sea, which i've waited lyk forever to watch it. but still didnt get a chance to watch today!! sian-ed. so we went to change and went for dinner at white dog cafe @ vivo. the food was so so lah. but i love the pizza and the drink. super nice pizza. if you happen to eat there. order the cowboy's delight. you wont regret it! lols.

i'll upload photos when my phone decides to cooperate with my laptop.
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